Wednesday, 31 July 2013

9 months later...

As you all know I've been away for a while. I was pregnant and suffered bad pregnancy sickness (hyperemesis), which practically put a stop to a lot of things I was doing; including work. However, my beautiful baby boy is here now and I'm more than ready to get back to blogging after a brief hiatus. So watch this space as the next blog/ vlog will be out shortly.
Although it wasn't the easiest of pregnancies, I look back knowing that the experience I went through has only made me stronger and a lot more appreciative of life and living.
I have a new zest and yearning for enriching not only my life, but that of others.
I had 9 months to reflect upon a lot of things whilst preparing for the new addition to my family, so I'll be sharing some of the experiences and lessons learnt with you, as well as posing some questions that you can hopefully help me answer.
On a cheerful note I end with a few snaps from my 'What's it gonna Bee' themed baby shower. Ya'll get to see me at my biggest, and unlike most women; I actually enjoyed my size towards the end of my pregnancy and all the compliments I received.
Happy viewing and catch you later :)


  1. Congratulations again on your new arrival Antoinette! Sorry to hear that you suffered with hyperemesis :( These are lovely photos from your baby shower. x

    1. Thank you - he's a wonderful gift, and I really appreciate the compliment. It's onwards and upwards from here as the learning process continues.

  2. Aww, you had such a baby face (no offensive). God will contiune you to provide for Father Moses, Mummy Funke, and God's chosen child into your family. He will contiune to strength you and uplift you. You will have every cause to glory His name. God bless and hope to speak to you soon.

  3. Congratulations Antoinette!! I'm sure you'll be a great mum for your little boy.

  4. Congratulations dear,God bless the baby and provide all it takes to raise a child.Enjoy motherhood, Moses is now a father.lol