Monday, 2 March 2015

The Truth behind Lies

In that moment, nothing appeals more to the senses than indulging in this guilty pleasure. Guilty because it is wrong, but pleasurable because there is no immediate consequence.

Forgetting memories of the undesirable bitter aftertaste that some of these Pretty, Little, Lies possess, without a second thought, the bite into this seemingly innocent treat occurs.

So subtle and sly is the captivating effect that lures one into taking yet another bite, which leads to another. This only adding to the damage already taking place inside the sacred walls of the soul.

These falsities demand to remain concealed, as they thrive within the dark hidden layers of the flesh.
From racing heartbeats to sleepless nights, the bearer continually suffers in silence, as its toxic effect torments the mind.

Conversely, behind the lies lay the Truth. Patiently waiting close-by for a chance to get in front. In front, to calm the inner raging war, which will bring about a peace so gentle yet profound.

Moreover, its illuminating effect will unveil the key to unlocking the man-made prison of fear; a prison created by these deceits. 
Then once the gates of bondage are finally open, the Truth will set the captive free.

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  1. I can really relate to this post. Lying to cover up other lies is draining. Honesty is the easy way to avoid it all.