Sunday, 19 June 2016

Active Labour Stage


To the woman with no child(ren) yet.

The woman who is constantly bombarded with questions from outsiders such as “still no children?” or “how long do you want to wait…don’t you know time is against you?’’
The woman who does everything to hide the pain and frustration she feels from the endless insensitivity of people.
The woman who has no choice but to press on and act like everything is OK, when deep down she knows it isn’t.
The woman who has spent many nights crying out in prayer, wondering ‘why her’ and if she will ever get to experience motherhood.
The woman who knows she would make a great mother and wonders why so many women who couldn’t care less about their children were bestowed with the precious gift she eagerly yearns.
The woman who now lacks confidence, because she’s been made to feel inadequate.
The woman who has started to question her faith.
The woman who all she is asking for, is to feel the joy of holding her own child one day.

To that woman, this is #JustForYou

I am dedicating this blog post/ vlog to one of my dearest friends.
I remember how nervous I felt when it came to sharing my great news with you.
I felt a sense of awkwardness, because I knew that you wanted to experience the same thing; to be able to pick up the phone and tell me that you were pregnant too.
I found myself toning down my joy and excitement, just so that I didn’t come across as insensitive to your feelings.

Well  just want you to know that:

I may not be able to feel your pain, but I certainly empathise with you.
I may not be in your position, but I know the heartache that comes with wanting something so bad, it hurts.
I may not fully understand, but I know God does and He actually cares.

It’s easier to trust what we can see rather than what His word says.
Let the accompanying vlog serve as an encouragement; that regardless of what people say or how you may currently feel, there is still hope and that hope will birth forth your deepest desire.
I want you to see this period of your life as being in ‘Active Labour’.
It’s often when things get the toughest, and the pain almost unbearable that you are on the brink of receiving something beautiful, something worth all the pain.


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