Sunday, 15 January 2017

Always A Lesson To Learn

Amidst all the things that took place last year I inadvertently learnt the most from Donald Trump. 
A lot of what he had to say infuriated me and if I am honest, it took serious will power not to get offended by him, as he stands for a lot of what I stand aganist. Nonetheless, his offence could potentially block the flow of love in me, and without love, I am nothing. 

Side Note: [I am learning that walking in love with people; particularly those that are the hardest to love, is one of the most important decisions I can make and I employ you to do the same. It gives you an overwhelming liberating peace that noone can take away].

Nevertheless, a wise man once said "do not overlook any opportunity to learn, especially when things do not make sense. There is always a lesson in the difficult and different circumstances of life", and learning have I done.

For me 2016 marked a vivid shift in how I viewed the world. It showed me that we must not always confine our thoughts to what we can see or how things have always conventionally been done. There must always be scope for change or change will force it's way through regardless.

I picked up a couple of valuable lessons from the campaign and victory of Mr. Trump, and being that this week is the start to his inauguration, I cannot think of a better time to share some of them with you.

Have a fabulous week and let me know your thought on the video below:

**This article/ video does NOT condone Trump, his actions or what he has said or is saying**

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