Sunday, 15 April 2018

Faith X Threads Review

A new Christian Apparel Brand/ Online Store is on the scene and I thought I would let you guys know about them, because I was impressed with their products and service (something that is not always common with upcoming brands). Additionally, what they stand for and the message behind all of their clothing is also something to celebrate.

Their items have a strong scriptural/ biblical backing quote that is relevant to today’s culture with the added bonus of being fashionable and trendy. I particularly like the uniqueness of the typography they use.
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They currently have 3 different collections on their site with a wide variety of sizes, some new arrivals and some accessories. I’m sure that over the course of time this will expand.

With a vast choice of clothing from tops, to jumpers and Tee’s, there is something for everyone – male, female, boy, girl and baby.
The website is easy to navigate and ordering your item(s) is a very straightforward process with a wide range of payment options also available. 

I think it is necessary to support up and coming brands that are especially putting out a positive message and in this case the gospel “Good News”.
We are constantly bombarded with negativity everywhere we turn or look, so why not allow your clothing to speak on your behalf; be a light in the darkness, spark hope to someone or just be a good conversation starter.

Overall, I was impressed with the quality of the top that I ordered - the fabric/ the print and I briefly spoke about it in my Current Favourites video, which you can watch by clicking the link at the bottom of this page.
So what y’all waiting for, go check out their site: [CLICK HERE for website] and spread the good news.

P.S: I managed to get a discount code you can use should you want to purchase any of their items: ‘TCWFXT’.


Wednesday, 11 April 2018

Conversation with June Sarpong

I wanted to motivate into action the youth and so I reached out to Ms. Sarpong because she has been inspiring me from my early teens.

In our conversation, I thought some of the issues she touched on were relevant for the new ‘Topical Issues’ series (The Scoop) that I started and so with some of the clips from the interview, I created this episode.

Please click the link below, to watch it and I hope you manage to pick up one or two things that will help you continue to live confidently in today’s society.