Sunday 15 September 2013

The Waiting Room

Wait.ing room

A questioning and trying period in ones life which entails a lot of patience before the pain is alleviated.

Nausea, Discomfort, Anger, Sickness, lingering pain, fear

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock...was the sound of what seemed like never ending time. With my eyes fixated on the clock in front of me, what must have felt like a whole hour turned out to only be two minutes.

An overbearingly clinical smell, coupled with the dingy lighting of the surgery made the wait seem even longer, and I began to feel queasy.
This meant that any moment from now, what I could only describe as the ‘now active volcano’ placed between my nose and chin would inevitably erupt.

Tightly grasping the sick bowl begrudgingly provided by the receptionist in one hand, and a ball of squashed blue paper towels in the other; thoughts began to flood through my mind.
Is this life? I dont think I will have a shred of dignity left after this whole agonising ordeal is over. Can I really handle this pain? Am I going to have to wait months before this horrendous sensation subsides?

Whoever named this morning sickness was an absolute clown. Period!
This was an all day, all night, 24 hours, 7 days a week sickness, and no amount ginger, peppermint tea or the inundated concoctions I had been advised to take actually worked.

After another 5 minutes of staring at the same tiring clock, my gaze shifted to the emerging shadow of a rather stocky looking woman, who then sat adjacent to me.
Our eyes briefly met and I managed to catch the beginning of her flashing a smile at me.
However, I speedily unlatched from the glance as returning the gesture would only use up energy that I did not feel I had.
I was entitled to act this way! I mumbled to myself. No one would expect otherwise if they knew exactly what I was going through, and besides (as I further tried to validate my excuse) this is London; where we are notoriously known for being unfriendly.

I had always envisaged that this stage of life would be both an amazing and exciting time, whilst I could freely indulge in all things fabulous for my palette. Instead, it felt as though every ounce of energy was rapidly being sapped out of me.
Any elation initially felt drastically subsided as it was turning out to be more of a living nightmare, with which I just wanted to be woken up from.

Question upon question protruded my mind...How was I supposed to stay positive when something so often associated with joy was overwhelmingly distressing and painful?
How could some women be so physically well that they didnt even know they were pregnant? This must be a test, because I am definitely being dealt the unfair card of life AGAIN!

Before I had the chance to ask myself another question, an annoying knuckle crackling sound abruptly interrupted me.
Glimpsing over to my right, I saw the same woman who I noticed earlier now practically hovering over me.
Her preying posture was invading my personal space and I was now feeling very awkward.

Rapidly trying to avoid any form of conversation from taking place, I slightly turned my body away from her in the pursuit that she would stay silent or go away. Conversely, she leaned in towards me; forcing me to turn my head back in her direction, then she softly whispered "luv...if theres anything I have learnt in life, its that it's never as bad as it seems!"

Judging from my unapproachable disposition, blank faced stare and clocking on to the fact that I was in no conversing mood; without giving me the chance to respond, she winked at me whilst returning to her seat.

My first reaction was how dare she?
How could this stranger have the audacity to make such a statement? Who gave her the right to assess me and based upon her perception, come to the conclusion that what I was suffering was not that bad?
Screaming in my head were the words What on earth is wrong with people? I couldnt believe that even in sickness, I had to deal with their never-ending need to comment on my life.

At that point I had a choice; a choice to either continue in self-wallowing pity (which really wasn't helping my condition), or to take on board what this complete stranger had just said.
I could embrace this new perspective and start being a little more positive and optimistic; even though every cell in my body was opposing this notion.

Reflectively, I remembered that I had previously made the decision that I would no longer be ruled by how I felt or what people said to me. I was now 'The Confident Woman and right here and now posed the ultimate test.

Upon leaving the surgery after hearing the doctor condescendingly say “…these things happen, and theres nothing much you can do but ride it out, it suddenly occurred to me that this woman who I probably would never meet again, actually spoke the exact words that I needed to hear.

Although everything physical ruled against considering her statement as reasonable or fair, what did I have to lose by choosing to see things her way?
Was I going to allow my current state to prevent me from using this adversity to make me grow and become stronger? Or would I remain close-minded and allow past hurts and experiences to determine my attitude towards the situation?

Whenever I felt as though I could no longer handle the pain; (as I must have suffered every known pregnancy symptom), I reminded myself that it could be a lot worst.
On those dark and dreary days, I would play those words on repeat in my mind as I ticked yet another day off my calendar. I knew that although I may not understand why all this was happening, my faith in Gods strength would be made perfect in my weakness.

The choice to change my mindset and focus on the end result rather than the problem was one of the best decisions I made for my mental state and well-being.
It infused the will to persevere no matter how tough it got, because after all; this was only a temporal matter!

Acting upon this realisation may not make the 'Waiting Room' experience any quicker, nevertheless, it will give it purpose with which you are willing to endure till the end because the destination will be worth it.

I resolved to using that statement in situations that arose even after my pregnancy, because when you think about it; no matter how tough, challenging or daunting the circumstance is, it's ultimately up to you to chose to believe that it "aint half bad!"

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We may be going through challenge(s), but we should always remember that 'it could be worse'.
What 'Waiting Room' experience(s) have you had, and how did you get through the wait? - 
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  1. Life is full of waiting room experiences.How do you get through them? You WAIT. Yes, no tricks, no short cuts, nothing you can do but WAIT. The longest I've waited for something l really needed is over a year, it felt like 20 years. What l'd like to know is how do people manage to wait 10, 15 and as l heard recently, 20 years for a baby? Hoping every month for 20 years you won't have a period. How did your spouse react when you break the news every month, 'it didn't happen', we are still waiting. Did you cry every month, or did you run out of tears. What was it like? If that's you, how did you do it?

    1. I would have no idea what someone in that situation is going through and I don't want to imagine the pain.
      That's why I said in my vlog that I had to look at things with a different perspective - the perspective that there are people going thorough things that were more challenging and painful than what I was facing.
      No matter how many times I was admitted into hospital, I would remind myself that some people would give anything just to be in my position; to be able to say that they are expecting a baby (regardless of whether the experience almost kills them).

      I also believe that when we shift our perspective from the pain/ problem, we begin so feel a little better inside and a fresh bout of hope rises up inside.

      Waiting is the hardest part, but from the very little that I know - I've realised that the joy at the end supersedes any pain felt while waiting.

      If anyone has any thoughts on this/ advice, (particularly if you are in your waiting room) please comment!