Sunday 18 January 2015

What Lies Ahead

Little did she know that the path she chose would be full of trial and errors. Often laborious by the passing hours. Often sheered in severe pain.

Little did she know that what she so carefully mapped out would eventually lead nowhere, as that was not her course. That was not where she was meant to be.
It was barely a figment of her imagination. What she considered as the right direction, was nothing more than a diversion on the greater canvas.

Little did she know that this experience may have been difficult, even heartbreaking; as she met one obstacle after the other, whilst scraping through nettle bushes. Nettles which inevitably uncovered fresh fleshy wounds, until eventually the sign ahead read 'Dead End'!
Nevertheless, the disruption was intentional, purposeful, and a new plan would emerge that would ultimately bring about the fulfilment she so desired.

Time passed by and

Little does she know that although she has now built a harsh hard exterior, just like the butterfly, she will soon morph and emerge into something so beautiful, it will captivate hearts and minds.

Little does she know that her current feelings of anger and anguish, will melt away leaving room for something brand new to reignite. 
A passion for new discoveries and a renewed love for life. The scars will slowly disappear, and the old pushed back into the sphere of the past.

Little does she know that although not yet visible, greatness awaits her. Her real journey down the correct path will soon commence.


Little did I know that she was waiting for someone like me. Someone to reassure her through this confounding process. Someone to let her know that I had once trekked the same path, and if she looked a little closer, there would be a narrow turn just off that road. A turn for the better. A turn that brought about hope.

Little do I know of what else awaits me in this journey called life, but just like her [with the truth illuminating its light before me, exposing just a 'little' bit more of the trail], it is evident that the One who knows much more is behind it all, putting another piece of the puzzle in place.

The beauty of the whole picture may not have yet been revealed, nonetheless we have the assurance that it will all be worth it, because 'Little' do we know and 'All' does He know.

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