Tuesday 28 November 2017

The Swan, Peacock & Flamingo

As a follow on from my previous blog post ‘The Pineapple…’ I thought I should share my thoughts on the destructive nature of beauty comparison through the illustration of three birds.

The Swan, Peacock and Flamingo are three very different yet beautiful birds.

The individual uniqueness of their physical appearance sets them apart and without competing with each other, they continue to display their own distinct splendour.

The swan is graceful in the way she conveys herself and serene in character. 

The peacock, magnificent with her intricate detail of pretty vibrant feathers and secure in knowing who she is and what she carries. 

The Flamingo, who not only embodies elegance and femininity, is also balanced in her stand and well poised.

So you see, we are all beautifully different and that difference is part of what makes life so picturesque. We should be able to “admire someone else’s beauty without questioning our own.”*

Rather than envy another person’s looks or try to recreate ourselves into becoming what we've been fed as the ideal standard of beauty, we need to just accept our own type of BE-YOU-TIFUL. Because when we aspire to look like (or in this case), be like someone other than ourselves, we ultimately lose sight of who we truly are.

How many times have we indirectly compared ourselves to someone else, wishing we had what they have or pulled ourselves down because we felt inadequate or insecure in our looks?

My thoughts were always, “I wish my body was as curvy as hers” or “if only my nose was as cute and buttoned as hers”.  I was so critical of my appearance, that this self-critique became a deeply rooted habit that has been hard to break.

Nonetheless, I've now gotten to a place where I can embrace my own unique beauty, a place of peace within myself, a place that has brought about contentment, enabling me to live confidently.

So my advice; don't let another day go by where you pull down, compare or even hate yourself because of the way you look, because talking from experience, there's nothing worse than being miserable in your own skin.

Free yourself from self-hate and the prison of comparison and the next time self-depreciating thoughts pass your mind, remember that: you are worthy, your body and its features are enough and you are BEAUTIFUL, because you were made in the image and likeness of an amazing God.

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Illustration credit: abo_akin

*unknown quote

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