Sunday 16 September 2018

Resilient like the Palm Tree

The more confident I’ve become, the more I’ve realised how resilience and confidence go hand in hand. You often need to be resilient to remain confident, especially in situations that are new or proving challenging. 

I came across a lot of palm trees on my travels this summer and just sitting on the beach watching the branches of this majestic symbol of victory, swaying in the gentle breeze got me thinking, how many of the things I faced this year alone has made me more resilient; things that just a couple of months before, would have knocked me flat out. 
I’m now better able to adapt and stand strong despite the opposition and for me, this is a sure sign of growth and a change in how I perceive myself (my inner image).

This resilience, is something I think very well depicts ‘The Palm Tree’:
which not only flourishes in conditions that are often less than ideal, but also has the ability to provide for so many others (be a blessing) regardless of the external conditions surrounding it.

So for example, zeroing in on its ability to withstand the storm, unlike other trees that would have snapped or been uprooted, palm trees have the ability to bend/ sway through strong winds and then easily flex back to their original position when it subsides. 

Additionally, highlighting the tree’s attribute of ‘being a blessing’, it's fruit are a source of daily food and drink for humans and animals alike. The tree itself supplies natural resources, which are used for a number of things in everyday life; from paper to carpets and it also protects and shelters from the sun, sea and storm. 

I suppose it’s the distinct DNA of the palm and the fact that it has been designed differently from other trees, that gives it it's strong characteristics. 
This is also reflective of us as humans, in that we’ve been uniquely created different from every other species or being on this planet, with the innate capability to withstand the storms of life.

Consequently, as long as we’re rooted in the soil of Love (where there’s an abundance of everything we need to flourish) and watered by God’s word, then it’ll be easier for us to flourish in tough conditions and blossom where we’re planted.

If we’re sapping life from the right soil, the circumstances around us may suddenly change, but like the palm tree, we can remain confident that we’ll flex right back up and continue to grow strong and thrive from within.

So next time things are proving too difficult or the storm seem to be hitting hard, then let the palm tree inspire you to be resilient, knowing that when the challenge passes, you’ll still be standing in all of the splendour endowed on you from above and you can continue to be a blessing of true beauty, strength and provision to the world.

“The righteous shall flourish like the palm tree … - Ps 92:12



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