Thursday 29 February 2024

The Question You Need To Ask...

Following on from the theme of ‘Courage and Confidence’, I want to point out 3 reasons why we easily lose courage, because I’m sure at one point or the other, you've experienced this.

I certainly have, possibly more than I like to admit and I know that Every. Single. Time, it’s been one or a combination of these three things that has occurred.

1. When we take our eyes off the goal, we can get distracted and lose focus. This in turn leaves us in a state of being ‘lost’; not knowing what to do, or sometimes even who we are, and the list goes on.

This then has a knock-on effect of us losing the courage we need to power us through life’s challenges.

2. When we think wrong or allow fear to control our minds, our courage for what we should be doing can easily dwindle.

What we constantly think about determines what we say / how we see ourselves.

This then determines what we do (our actions).

Our belief system/ mindset is the foundation for our output, so our mind has got to be right.

3. Another way we lose courage, is when we let other people’s small thinking affect us. This is why we must surround ourselves with the right people and be in environments conducive to our growth.

We can’t hang around with chickens and then want to fly high like an eagle – the two just don’t go.

So, the uncomfortable question you now need to ask is “Am I going to carry on allowing myself to be exposed to thought patterns, cycles, people and environments that easily make me lose my nerve/ courage, which affects my confidence?”

You may need to sit in the discomfort of this question for a while, but I assure you; that’s where the unlearning and transformative growth begins to take place.

I then implore you to gather the courage you have (no matter how small) to make the necessary changes.

For example: if you have toxic friends, begin to spend less time with them.

Your peace, well-being and future are far more important than pleasing people.

If you’re in an organisation that’s sapping the life out of you, begin to plan on how you’re going to gracefully make your exit.

Don’t waste another minute second-guessing and then talking yourself out of what you know is right.

Finally, I’ll leave you with this popular scripture I think ties in well with all 3 of the points mentioned: “Where there is no vision (lack of faith and focus), people perish” (prov 29:18).

This statement is pretty much self-explanatory, but in the context of what we’re talking about: without a vision to focus on, we can stay stuck, lose the courage to press ahead, and ultimately self-sabotage or worse; kill our God-given dreams, aspirations, and goals.

I encourage you to constantly remind yourself to think right. Remind yourself of why you’re doing what you’re doing and always keep your eyes fixed on the bigger picture.

Life is a marathon, not a sprint, so have the long-distance end-game vision at the forefront of your mind, and don’t get distracted by what you’re possibly seeing or experiencing.

This will fuel you to push through even when you’re being tested or scared. It will help you be courageous, which in turn will build your confidence.

Anyway, I’m wishing you a fabulous new month, where you relentlessly March into your destiny (corny cliche, I know…I couldn’t resist).



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